Quartz The Magic Mineral

Quartz, the hard crystalline mineral, makes up 12% of the Earth’s crust, This rock star mineral plays a major role in scientific research, jewelry and manufacturing. But quartz doesn’t stop there. Some rare varieties of quartz are quite valuable while other forms of the mineral are almost as cheap as dirt. And that is just part of its magic. The chemist’s call silicon dioxide and the common folks call it silica sand.

There’s not much need for broken things in today’s quest for disposal everything, but that’s not the way nature works. Broken down quartz crystals, thanks to the work of the wind and water, turn themselves into one of the most useful products in the world. Silica or silicon dioxide contains tiny granules of quartz, and these little babies make their home in most of the non-tropical parts of the world. Quartz, the magic mineral, has many faces, and each face has something positive to say in their world of wonder.

Fun Uses of Old Materials

Self expression is highly important to me. I love to work with all types of media at every turn. Given a chance, I also prefer to experiment with new types of media. I love traditional paints and other types of fun ways to create color on canvas or on my chosen frame. The really fun part comes from using new media that are otherwise unknown to many people. This may include rare paints in rare colors. It can also include items such as recycled glass media that are otherwise often not seen. I love the idea of taking something that someone has used before and creating an entirely new thing from it. This makes me very excited and often quite happy. I love working with new things and new ideas. My aim is to use my art to help create emotions for people and help them share my joy.

Upcycled Cake Stand

Today I’m going to tell you how I made a gorgeous upcycled cake stand using only a teacup, a plate and ceramic transfers.

First, select a teacup that you really like. I found a really pretty vintage one with a Christmas design because I want to use my cake stand for Christmas parties. You’ll also need a large plate in a complementary or matching design. I chose a plain green plate to go with my teacup.

Next, make sure that your china pieces are clean and dry. Then use a quality china or glass adhesive to secure the bottom of the plate to the bottom of the teacup, making sure to line the centers up as closely as you can.

Once your cake stand has dried, you can then use the transfers to add more decoration to the teacup or plate. I chose some cardinal birds to add more red to my plain green plate and finish off my cake stand with a bright, cheery motif.

A Scary Drive

I drove along after the heavy snow had finally melted away except for a few gray dirty piles that had been piled up at the side of the road. I was glad that the snow was finally disappearing.

As I got on the road going towards my daughters house I noticed my car had started t shake. It wasn’t shaking a lot, but I still got out and checked to see if I had a low or loose tire. I worried that a more serious problem was going on with my car.

When I got to my daughter’s house I ask my son-in-law to look at my car. When I told him my problem. He said that it wasn’t a problem with my car but that the snow had damaged the road. The road because of the weather had developed porous pavement and the county hadn’t got out to do any porous permeable paving. I was so relieved my car wasn’t tearing up.